Worked with many different trainers over 15 years. Thought I had done it all. Not with Ritch. Every single workout is mixed up... pushed to the max. NEVER seen such muscle definition & in such a short period. He is a professional and a great motivator. I actually look forward to my Friday boxing sessions. When it comes to boot camp days... Need I say more! Amazing trainer and person.


Recently started out working with Ritch, fantastic! Been working out forever with trainers, Ritch is the best! He's mature, confidant & knowledgeable. No ego, attitude or superiority complex. Keeps it interesting & flowing. Boxing, free-weights, floor work and more. Muscle strength, balance, definition has all be enhanced. We focus on workouts and stretches to improve my golf game. Hitting the ball much further (can't blame him for the score). He's also a very interesting, fun-loving person. I enjoy our conversations as well.


Rich's workouts are fun, challenging and effective. From kettle bells and kickboxing to plyometrics and the TRX, Rich is always coming up with a unique mix of techniques to challenge the body in different way and get results. What I like best is that Rich is not about gimmicks or one certain method. It is about hard work and commitment to the goal, and it works.


Training with Rich and ReactFitness has been an exciting journey. I never know what to expect at each workout- Rich always changes it up and keeps it really fun, but definitely challenging. He pushes me beyond what I think my limits are and I always end the better for it. I've lost close to 40lbs in a year. It's a way a life that includes the proper nutrition, training and the right mind set- Rich has gotten me there- at 46 I've never felt better and been in better shape!


Rich has been my trainer for over 12 years. I started working with him when we moved to Greenwich from the city and I had small kids. Rich has kept me in great shape and he makes each session fun by introducing me to new routines and techniques regularly. In addition to being a great guy, Rich also has helped me recover from sports injuries. I highly recommend him if you're serious about your workouts.